Meet Our Founders & Supporters


John Christian Bayer

Chaplain John & Andi Bayer have had close to thirty eight years ministering in Parish and County Jails. State and Federal prisons across America. They both are Ordained and currently Licensed through their home Church First New Testament Church, Pastor Lee Shipp. They have ministered on the 700 Club, American Family Radio, Eternal Life Broadcasting and written about in several local newspapers and Christina Life magazine, interviewed on Eternal Life Broadcasting and American Family Radio.

Through walking in the knowledge of being forgiven and set free from sin, the knowledge of their daily victory over sin’s dominion wasn’t yet reveled. Thus they were frustrating God’s grace and operating under their own self-effort. Then one day, they heard the message of Sanctification by Grace through FAITH.

They believe that Jesus Christ and Him crucified is the ONLY ANSWER for the salvation of the sinner and sanctification of the believer. JESUS, and what He did on the CROSS, is a COMPLETED WORK and is THE ONE STEP TO FREEDOM AND DELIVERANCE from all drugs, alcohol, and any addiction or sin.

Pastor Lee Shipp

Lee Shipp is the founder and senior pastor of First New Testament Church. Called and compelled by his love for Jesus and the scriptures, for over twenty-five years, God has used him to teach and preach throughout the world, through conferences, camp meetings, and revivals. Pastor Shipp is founder and President of “A Call to the Heart”; a ministry of evangelism and outreach through radio, T.V., literature, and national and international campaigns. Pastor Shipp has served on the board of Glory House Prison Ministries and the Board of Directors for The School of Christ International where he continues to be involved in world missions.

Lee was saved at the age of 5 and baptized in the Holy Ghost at 6. He was brought up in a wonderful Christian home. He married Carla McCoy in 1986. They have four children, Jordan, Ethan, and Hadyn who are faithful to Jesus, and Susanne, who is in heaven with Jesus.

He graduated from Louisiana State University in 1987 after starting the church that previous year.

Andre’ Bruni DDS
Marketing and Fundraising

Dr. Is proud to be a team member of Free At Last Ministries and provides support for marketing, fundraising and growth initiatives. In his professional life, Dr. Bruni is a practicing dentist, real estate developer and entrepreneur. When not creating beautiful smiles he works closely with brokers, architects and lenders in the development and execution of company strategy. Dr. Bruni has 15 years experience in the areas of real estate development, operations, finance and investment. Prior to Cobalt Realty, Dr. Bruni was the founder and CEO of Bluebonnet Dental Care and Sensible Dental, a multi-state, multi-office dental practice. He has constructed, re-developed and acquired various commercial and residential properties throughout the southeast.

Dr. Bruni is married to fellow dentist Jessica Bruni and resides in Baton Rouge, LA with their 5 children. He gives all thanks and praise to the the Lord who saved him and who has blessed him abundantly in so many ways.