Do any of you have a family member or friend in prison today?

How do you feel deep down inside your heart about inmates that are not a family member or close friend?

Now ask yourself this question. How do you think God looks upon those in prison today?

GOD has a special UN-CONDITIONAL LOVE for inmates, great men of God like Peter, Paul, Samson, James, John the Baptist, Joseph, Jeremiah, all had been in jail. Men like David, Moses, Jacob, were murder’s, adulterers, thieve. But when they called on God, He cleaned them up and used them mightily to advance the Kingdom forward.

Thus the reason for Chapels in Prison:

Having a dedicated Chapel building can and will help in many ways. Just the presence of the Chapel sends out a strong message to every inmate who sees’ it. This is a place of worship, a place of safety and refuge, a place to seek and pray to God, a place to ask forgiveness, a place to seek God’s face, and bottom line a place where an inmate can meet Jesus in their time of need. Jesus said, “if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me.”

The cause is there and the time is now for us to come together as a community in unity and build a dedicated Chapel (God’s House—Not the State house) Now is the time to honor God and have dedicated Chapels in Prisons?

Now is the time and we are in the right place and we are going to start here at Coffee Correctional Center, we are going to be the FIRST of many Chapels in Georgia and across America.

Today, hopefully you have been challenged to partner with The National Chapel Foundation in this worthy endeavor. Please look deep into your soul and make a donation of whatever amount you can to help us continue this work in every prison we are able to do so.


Warmest regards and thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


John Bayer
Founder of National Chapel Foundation